As a school and community, we are so happy that all students have been given the chance to return to MSB’s campus after extended time in hybrid or virtual learning. With the return of all our students, however, staffing vacancies and other challenges have required a lot of all our instructional staff in a way we had not anticipated. The added responsibilities of keeping students and colleagues safe along with the usual responsibilities of teachers, related service providers and paraeducators has made time to complete required IEP documentation, creating student materials and updating curricular materials even more challenging than usual.

To best serve our students, senior management recognizes that instructional staff truly need more time to complete their work and be ready for students. In order to provide some additional time, we have changed the school calendar to include additional half days for students, listed below, and provide much needed planning and paperwork time for instructional and therapy staff.

·       Friday, December 17

·       Friday, January 14

·       Friday, February 4

·       Friday, March 4

·       Friday, April 1

 On these dates, classes will end and students will depart campus at 11:30 AM.