Our School


The Maryland School for the Blind (MSB) was established in 1853. Since its inception, our campus spanning 95 acres on Taylor Avenue has provided a warm embrace to students who are blind or low-vision. Newcomer Hall, constructed in 1907 as the inaugural building after relocating from downtown Baltimore, continues to be a cherished space for our students and staff.

We provide a range of personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs outlined in each student’s IEP. These offerings encompass a diverse array of support, such as Occupational Therapy, Orientation and Mobility assistance, Physical Therapy, Psychological Therapy, Social Work Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Adaptive PE (Physical Education), Assistive Technology implementation, Audiology services, Health Services provision and Transition Services guidance.

Students in MSB’s career education program learn job skills by running all aspects of The Russo Cafe including: food preparation, housekeeping, customer service, and money management. Attached to the dining room of the Cafe you will find two additional student run enterprises: the Clothes Boutique; a used clothing store and the official MSB School Store which sells MSB branded apparel and general merchandise.

At MSB, we modify resources to suit our students’ needs. Our range of Assistive Technology includes iPads, screen readers, braille note takers, magnifiers, touch screen computers, alternative keyboards, digital players for audiobooks, talking calculators, switch interfaces, and environmental controls and switches to operate a variety of toys and appliances. Through the efforts of our dedicated staff members, we are even capable of utilizing 3D printing technology to create items that enhance student involvement in their everyday tasks.

At our school, we value the inclusion of sports and recreational activities in our curriculum. We are proud to offer excellent accessible facilities for our students. Our fully accessible playground allows students to unleash their creativity while engaging in physical activity that promotes dexterity, flexibility, and overall well-being. In addition to the playground, we have three regulation-sized fields and a running track as part of our outdoor complex. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in various blind sports and athletic events at MSB where they can learn skills such as hitting, running, kicking, and throwing.