About Us

To serve students with blindness or low vision of all abilities from birth through 21 throughout their unique educational journey.

We Believe
All students can learn.
Students should be educated in an environment that keeps them engaged with their family and community as much as possible.
Diverse viewpoints contribute to better decision-making.
We believe in access for all.
The dignity of risk-taking is necessary to learn and grow.
We believe that interdependence is an evolution from independence
The measure of learning effectiveness in teaching is in the application of learning in life.
The Expanded Core Curriculum is indispensable for students with low vision or blindness.
 Family and community partnerships are essential for student success
 Decisions driven by data, analysis, and evidenced-based practice lead to student success. 
 Student success drives decision-making, resource allocation, and MSB’s priorities.

At MSB I ACT with Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, and Transparency.

Our History

In 1853 our school, first known as the Maryland Institution for the Instruction of the Blind, opened its doors in downtown Baltimore. The superintendent was David E. Loughery who was a blind graduate of the Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind.

Historical Timeline