On Campus Programs

Early Learning Program

student in walking trainer with O&M instructor

The Preschool and Kindergarten program serves children, ages three through five years of age. The purpose of the program is to promote readiness for school-age programs in the most integrative setting possible. Typically developing students, without disabilities, are included as an integral part of the daily program. Activities and materials from the curriculum are modified to meet the Maryland Early Learning Standards and support the development and learning of all students.
The program is licensed through the Office of Child Care.

1st -12th Grade

Instructor helping a student read braille

Students are placed according to their individual needs. Direct instruction in functional academic skills as well as in the areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum for students who are blind or low vision. It is designed to address specific skill needs of students, address learning issues and facilitate a successful return to their local school system.

Our program follows an academic curriculum based on the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards.