Refer a student to MSB

MSB is committed to serving the blind and low-vision student population and their families across Maryland.

At MSB, we believe

  • we are responsible to students, families, and the state of Maryland to support the most appropriate educational placement of students with vision loss, ages birth-21.
  • many students are best served among their peers in their neighborhood schools, and we support this by providing a broad spectrum of services year-round through our Outreach Department.  
  • placement at our school should be considered when based on data from the Local Education Agency (L.E.A.) and the I.E.P. Team, it is determined to support specialized school placement.

According to The State of Maryland Operating Code (C.O.M.A.R.), the Maryland School for the Blind is a more restrictive environment than their neighborhood school, and student placement in on-campus education programs should only be pursued when “the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services […] cannot be achieved satisfactorily.” (13A.05.01.10)


  • after placement, we believe that many students should have a goal to return to their neighborhood school.
  • the I.E.P. team, including the parent or guardian, will meet annually with the L.E.A. to discuss individual student readiness to return to their local school. 
  • we enroll students based on educational needs. Therapy and health services are provided to students for curriculum access purposes. 
  • we follow Maryland grade level and alternate grade level standards with staff expertise in visual functioning. 

Admissions F.A.Q.

There is no tuition or cost to the family of MSB students residing in the State of Maryland. 
Anyone can refer a student to MSB by filling out this referral form.  All students must undergo an admissions process at MSB. The admissions process can be held up by not getting records on time.&nbsp:
No. More than fifty percent of MSB students are day students and return home every evening. The other half of the student body are residential students and go home every weekend. The residential program is only open when school is in session, 185 days per year. Students reside in their homes on weekends, during major holidays, and during school closings.

Absolutely! This is encouraged so that parents can see what their children are capable of doing and learn strategies to help their child continue using these skills
We welcome you to visit our campus and see the programs we have to offer. Participating in a tour is encouraged for all prospective students and their families.