Low Vision Services

The clinical low vision low-vision focus on identifying strategies and devices to maximize the student’s ability to use their vision to complete daily activities. The evaluation includes assessment of color vision, contrast sensitivity, near and far distance visual acuities, refraction, evaluation of visual field and lighting, visual perceptual screening, and introduction to strategies and optical and non-optical devices. The student, parents, and teacher actively participate in the clinical evaluation.

(Program Temporarily Suspended) Regional Optometric Evaluations

Regional optometric evaluations are available upon request for up to four students at a time. The optometric evaluations include cycloplegic dilation and include evaluation of visual abilities and the health of the eye, including the appearance of the eyes, anterior chamber, lens, eye pressures, and refraction to determine the need for glasses and examination of the back of the eye to assess the integrity of the retina. If concerns are noted, the student is referred to their private physician for a more extensive examination. Regional optometric evaluations are provided on a Friday at a location decided upon by the county and include the low-vision optometrist and low-vision specialist.

Functional Vision Assessments & Consultations

We offer functional vision assessments and consultations in the student’s home school or natural environment to address their ability to access age and grade-level educational and leisure materials near and far distances. Areas assessed include but are not limited to color vision, near and distance visual acuities, functional visual perceptual skills, response to magnification and assessment of personal characteristics and environmental factors that may impact practical use of vision. If visual perceptual concerns are suggested during the functional vision assessment, assessment of visual perceptual skills using the Motor Free Visual Perception Test, Third Edition, is available with results generated through consultation from MSB occupational therapists.