Finding the perfect fit

My name is Destiny Tames and my daughter Esmee Tames is my whole world. When at 4 years old Esmee suddenly began to lose her vision, I threw myself into the world of low vision to try to better understand her changing world. It was hard, getting her what she needed felt like a battle. I’ve never known anyone who was blind and no family members have ever lost their sight so I was struggling to learn how to help her. 

While her school tried its best, I realized that she needed more. After her sight had declined beyond just sitting at the front of the classroom to see, one of her teachers recommended Esmee to The Maryland School for the Blind. I had never heard of the place, and here it was the ideal location, only minutes from my house, the low vision and all the different therapies they offer at no cost to me.  This is why I am asking you to consider making a gift today. By making a gift this holiday season, you are helping students receive the educational support they need.

Esmee is an extremely bright student and she figures out how to adapt quickly. At her age, and with the attention she received in school, she was frustrated and acting out.  She did not have the vocabulary to know how to effectively communicate her struggles. The first thing I noticed after she started at MSB was how quickly she was able to not only communicate her struggles but she also taught me how her teachers work with her through everything.

Before coming to MSB, she did not have a white cane or know how to use one. With the help of the Orientation and Mobility team, she is able to effectively use her cane. The instructors even taught me how to use the cane as well so I can help her at home. MSB makes sure that not only the students are supported, but also the family as well.

Esmee has found her community at MSB and people she can relate too. She thrives off of the teaching style because she is taught what she is doing and why it is important. She is being taught that everyone has differences but differences does not mean incapable.

As anyone knows, trusting others with your child is always a hard task. At MSB, I do not have trouble trusting anyone. Once Esmee became a student at MSB our school life has been smooth sailing. I know the teachers and staff here have her best interest always.

To say the least, MSB has truly been a blessing.

We needed to get help we couldn’t get at her neighborhood school. If it wasn’t for MSB we would have moved out of Maryland to find a better path for her. We are happy to say we are not leaving the great city of Baltimore anytime soon! MSB is family and we can’t move away from our family.

When you make a gift today, you help students and families find their community at MSB and receive the hands on learning blind and low vision students need.

Supporting The Maryland School for the Blind is easy! Visit and click the donation button in the top right hand portion of the screen.

With your support, The Maryland School for the Blind can reach thousands of Blind and Low Vision students with more services and programs at no cost to the students and families in all 24 Maryland Counties.