MSB Athletics Girl Wins Wrestling Match

The Maryland School for the Blind (MSB) is a member of the Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind (EAAB).

MSB hosts competitions throughout the school year on our campus and at our competitors’ schools. We travel from Massachusetts to Florida to compete against other schools for the blind in the EAAB.

Athletics Calendar

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Our sports are adapted for athletes with visual impairments. Individual accommodations are made so that those with additional disabilities may compete. MSB wants students to have a positive self-image, high self-esteem and possess leadership skills that will help them lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Community members are encouraged to attend our home meets and cheer on our athletes! Volunteer opportunities are also available.

Fall Sports (September – November)


Coach: Pam Schirmer

5-a-side Blind Soccer

Coach: Tim Taylor

On Tuesday September 12, 2017 The Maryland School for the Blind (MSB) held its first ever youth 5-a-side blind football (soccer) practice.  Our school hopes to play an intricate part in changing the fact that the U.S. does not have a youth or national blind football team competing at the international or Paralympic level.  Situated on our newly renovated sports complex, the soccer playing area is one of the first full size regulations fields in the country, complete with kickboards to keep the ball in play.  Through the vision of MSB’s President, Dr. Michael J. Bina, and the teamwork of MSB’s facilities department, blind soccer has become a reality on campus.  Student athletes ranging from 12-18 years of age are taking part in an inaugural 6 week program to practice focusing on soccer skills such as; dribbling, ball control, penalty kicks, and offensive/defensive strategies.  The players use a specially designed soccer ball with “rattles: embedded inside, which provides auditory feedback that allows players to locate the ball.  Sighted goalies, coaches, and spotters are located at strategic locations around the field to assist and direct players during play.   Uniquely designed boards around the “pitch” (playing surface) creates an echo which allows each player to determine the location on the field.  Most of the rules are the same or very similar to the game of indoor soccer with a few exceptions.  5-a-side blind football uses a sight classification system to group athletes with similar levels of visual impairments together.  This ensures that athletes are competing against each other equally.

The goal for the program at MSB is to develop and promote independence, physical fitness, and social interactions through the vehicle of sport and competition.  With the collaborative efforts of USABA and Clemson University along with other learning institutions including MSB, it is our plan to field a youth team and to host the first ever youth blind football tournament in the U.S.  The Maryland School for the Blind with the help of its above mentioned partners, hope to see the sport of 5-a-side football  “SOAR” to a triumphant and exciting future in our country!

Winter Sports (November – January)

MSB Athletics Cheering Squad in Formation 

Coach: Ingeborg Love


Coach: James Gardener


Spring Sports

Goalball (January – March)

Coaches: Matt Mescall ( and Laura Provost (

Track and Field (March – May)

Coaches: Tim Taylor ( and Laura Provost (

Watch our home athletic events online! Events can be viewed LIVE or at a later date.

CONGRATULATIONS to Breanna Pumphrey for winning
the EAAB Outstanding Cheerleader award!

Photo of Breanna Pumphrey

Breanna Pumphrey, EAAB Outstanding Cheerleader


For more information about Athletics contact:

Tim Kinsella, MSB Athletic Director
410-444-5000 ext. 1312