Preschool–21 Services

Outreach services for Preschool through Age 21

The philosophy of The Maryland School for the Blind’s Outreach program for Preschool-21 year old students is that education for visually impaired students is not confined to a classroom. Our emphasis is to provide a variety of services to help students be as successful and independent as possible in whatever environment they receive their education as well as at home.

Our on campus and off campus Outreach services focus on instruction in all areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum. Services are provided not only during the school day but also evenings, weekends and during the summer. In addition to student specific services, we also provide on-site and regional consultation, assessment, and training for parents and educational professionals to support student success. Most services are provided free of charge with the exception of diagnostic assessments, consultations that involve more than 2 visits, and direct instruction.

The list of services and fees can be found in 2019-20 Outreach Services Fees