Maryland Instructional Resource Center

MIRC provides adapted instructional materials for visually impaired students.

In partnership with the Maryland State Department of Education, MSB offers two additional statewide services. Staff who provide these services work closely with MSB’s Outreach programs to promote student success and independence in their local school systems.

The Maryland Instructional Resource Center (MIRC) is a centralized repository for braille and large print textbooks, and is a centralized searching, ordering, procurement and shipping facility for the textbooks.  The MIRC supports eligible students in prekindergarten through grade twelve enrolled in Maryland’s 24 local school systems and the Maryland School for the Blind.  The primary purpose of the MIRC is to facilitate the timely ordering, delivery, and sharing of braille and large print textbooks for eligible students throughout the State of Maryland.

The MIRC conducts the annual Federal Quota Registration of legally blind students in public schools across the state.  In addition, the MIRC assists local school systems in providing accessible instructional materials to students with visual disabilities.

To access our on-line web order system go to MIRC on-line ordering

MIRC Order Forms:

LSS APH Order Form

NIMAS Student Registration Form

Braille & Large Print Text Book Request Form

Textbook Loan Extension and Transfer Form

Reading Request Form

APH Adult Agencies Order Form

For more information about MIRC contact:

Ruth Ann Hynson, Director of Statewide Outreach Services
410-444-5000 ext. 1726  |

Statewide Vision/Low Incidence Specialist

The Statewide Vision/Low Incidence Specialist position is a partnership between The Maryland School for the Blind and the Maryland State Department of Education. The Statewide Vision/Low Incidence Specialist is responsible for ensuring quality programs for students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities, by providing technical assistance, training and resources to families and students throughout Maryland, Local School Systems, and The Maryland School for the Blind. Information and training to families and professionals are available in the areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum for students who are blind or visually impaired, braille and other forms of literacy, assistive and adaptive technology, Orientation and Mobility, as well as information on accessibility related to standardized assessments like PARCC.

To contact the Statewide Vision/Low Incidence Specialist:

For more information, contact Maria de la Concepcion Hernandez Legorreta

410-444-5000 x 1743