Infant and Toddler Services

Infant and Toddler (I&T) services are provided to children, ages birth to four years old, who have suspected or diagnosed visual impairments.

The Infant and Toddler services are part of a statewide early intervention program.  A range of services, including family counseling and training, vision services, special instruction, playgroups, social work, therapeutic consultation, and diagnostic evaluations are provided based upon the individual family’s needs.

Services are provided in the most natural environment which can be in the home, day care, a relative’s home or hospital. I&T services are provided year-round and can even consist of evening and weekend services depending on a family’s needs.  Working in collaboration with the “Family Support Network”, the services provide information, resources, and support to parents throughout the state.

For more information about MSB’s Infant and Toddler services, contact:

Karen Frank
410.444.5000, ext. 1378 |