Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRT) provide instruction and support in all areas that enhance independent living and educational development of individuals with a visual impairment.

Services may be delivered in a variety of settings to include in the school, cottages, center-based facilities, or in the home. Training strategies consider the impact of a person’s visual status when developing accommodations to best equip the individual for success.

At MSB, the VRT may be involved in student training for the following areas:

  • Self-Care Skills (grooming, toileting, eating, bathing, and dressing)
  • Meal management and cooking
  • Home management and housekeeping
  • Financial management
  • Personal management skills
  • Support in developing these foundational living skills will help guide MSB students toward living safe, productive and independent lives.

For more information about Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, contact:

Lynn Borgmann, OT/PT/VRT Supervisor
410-444-5000, ext.  1343 |