Social Work Services

Helping students access their education in the best possible way

The Social Work Service at The Maryland School for the Blind provides services related to a student’s social, emotional and life adjustment to school and/or society. MSB social workers are the link between home, school and the community in providing direct, as well as indirect services to students, their families and school personnel in order to promote and support our students’ academic and social success. The Social Work Service works as part of a student’s interdisciplinary team and serves an integral part of the pre-admission process as a student enters The Maryland School for the Blind.

Some of the specific services that are provided by the Social Work Service include:

  • Clinical counseling
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Social skills training (group and individual)
  • Staff consultation and training
  • Parent training including advocacy and psycho-education
  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessments.
  • Obtaining and coordinating community resources to meet students’ needs
  • Networking groups for families, such as sibling support groups, parent education and extended family events
  • Provide case management for students and families requiring multiple resources