Orientation & Mobility

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) instruction teaches students a true sense of independence, one of the most important skills they will acquire while at The Maryland School for the Blind.

O&M specialists teach students of all ages and abilities how to travel safely – on campus, in the community, in their homes, at their job sites, and any place they need or want to go. Lessons are scheduled during the day or evening hours. O&M is offered as an IEP related service for students. O&M is also a statewide service that is available to students with visual impairments who attend public or private schools in Maryland.

O&M training consists of: sensory awareness, concept development, spatial concepts, orientation skills, sighted guide travel techniques, functional use of vision, public transportation, and long cane travel. O&M skills are taught through a sequence of lessons, on a one-to-one basis by a trained O&M specialist.
Lessons are geared to meet each child’s individual needs and abilities.

Safe travel is only achieved when a student learns how to integrate both their orientation and mobility skills as they move through their environment.  Traveling is about safety – and safe travel leads to independence!

For more information about Orientation and Mobility, contact:

Colleen Calhoon, O&M Supervisor
410.444.5000 ext. 1321 | colleenc@mdschblind.org