Music in Our Schools Month

During the month of March we celebrate Music In Our Schools Month.  Music is universal; it touches everyone and brings joy into our lives.  We know the value music brings to children, especially those with visual impairments and other disabilities.  It inspires creativity and serves as an important outlet for expressing emotions.  Over the years, many MSB students have shown a gift for music and have even been considered prodigies.  

We are fortunate to offer both music education and music therapy programs at MSB and to have two talented music program staff; Danni Long, Music Therapist and Megan Zuhowski, Music Instructor. 

Danni Long has created a YouTube channel and creates playlists based on her weekly session plans. This information is shared with her students and staff in a very informative weekly email which includes a list of songs, materials needed, playlists and links to join in live or during asynchronous learning. She is being assisted this year by Amanda Bailey, a music therapy intern.

This month the sessions’ focus is on spring, winter, seasons, fire safety, and women in music. Check out her Music Therapy YouTube channel.  

Megan Zuhowski, our new music teacher has jumped right in and is enjoying getting to know our students.  During the month of February they learned about and celebrated a new black musician each class, from George Walker to Beyoncé! 

She has introduced rhythm and the students were surprised to learn that music is math! They were quick to pick up the new material and they’ve played games to reinforce topics. In preschool they learn about a new instrument each class period and the students have shown interest in how they all work. 

March is women’s history month and so far they have learned about Clara Schumann and Taylor Swift. Megan said, “I’m consistently impressed with the students at MSB and how intuitive they are. The students always have great input and love learning about music history!”