La niña en edad escolar habla con el consejero de admisionesStudents may be referred to MSB at any time if they have an impairment in vision that, even with correction, adversely affects their educational performance. This includes both partial sight and blindness.* This determination is made by the LEA’s thorough and rigorous assessment and IEP team decision. *IDEA 34 CFR §300.8(c)(13)

Before acceptance, all prospective students and their families must submit all paperwork and participate in a Preadmission screening at MSB.  This one-day screening includes observation of student needs and functioning and parent interview with potential instructional, residential, and related services staff.  Information obtained from the preadmission process is used to establish if MSB is an appropriate placement.

MSB’s Admissions Team makes final decisions about placement. Once all necessary school and health documents are received, students who are accepted, and their parents, participate in an enrollment meeting to finalize the admissions process. Placement is reviewed every year through the IEP process.

Los padres no pagan la matrícula de los alumnos residentes en el estado de Maryland.

MSB strives to prepare students to return to their local school systems when appropriate.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la admisión


No hay matrícula y no hay coste para la familia de los estudiantes de la MSB.


You may initiate this process by filling out the referral form. Most referrals come to us from your Local Education Agency. All students must undergo an admissions process at MSB, which involves your students IEP team, school and health paperwork, and evaluation and review by the Admissions Team.


Yes. Many of our students are working on the requirements to obtain a high school diploma, including passing the required state assessments, as part of our Pre-K-12th grade Academic Program. MSB does serve students with additional disabilities in programs that focus on life skills.  MSB also has an Early Learning Inclusion Program that serves students from Pre-K to Kindergarten who are learning alongside typical peers.


No. more than 70 percent of MSB students are day students and return home every evening. Residential students go home every weekend. The residential program is only open when school is in session, 185 days per year. Students reside in their homes on weekends, during major holidays, and during school closings.


Por supuesto. De hecho, se fomenta para que los padres puedan ver lo que sus hijos son capaces de hacer y aprender estrategias para ayudarles a seguir utilizando estas habilidades en casa.


Of course! We welcome you to visit our campus and see the programs we have to offer. You can also view our virtual tour anytime.