Spring Appeal

Wayne’s story

Today, in so many schools throughout the country, kids lack hope. They cannot see a future. MSB is different.  It is a school that reaches out with kindness, caring and patience.  We do not allow blindness to limit our students in any way.  We keep spirits high so that students will develop self-esteem.  We teach them skills so they can be as independent as possible, prepared for their future and able to take on responsibilities.

One way MSB does this is through job internships in the community.  That’s where Wayne’s story begins.  MSB’s Career Education Program put Wayne in touch with a local hobby shop because of his passion for remote controlled cars.  The owners gave Wayne an internship and he is now working at something that is his passion.  He has even invented a stand that will hold the cars while they are being repaired and the store now sells Wayne’s invention to it’s customers.

The customers have accepted and supported Wayne through his new venture. Wayne has learned how to interact with the customers and his coworkers. He has inspired many people and shown them that his blindness will not hold him back. All he needed was a chance and a community that showed their support.

We owe it to our young people, especially those with disabilities, to make them contributing members of their communities. It’s going to take everybody.  We need you, too.  Can we count on your support?

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Bina Ed.D.