Admissions FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to send a child to MSB?

A: There is no tuition and no cost to the family of MSB students.

Q: Can I transfer my child to your school?

A: Although all referrals come to us through the local school system, families may initiate this process by contacting their child’s school.  All students must go through an admissions process at MSB which involves evaluation and a review by the Admissions Team.

Q: Do you have academic students at MSB?

A: Yes. Many of our students are working on the requirements to obtain a high school diploma, including passing the required state assessments, as part of our General Academic Program. MSB does serve students with additional disabilities in three other programs at the school that focus on life skills. These programs are the Functional Academic, Blind with Multiple Disabilities and Blind with Autism. MSB also has an Early Learning Inclusion Program that serves students from Pre-K to Kindergarten who are learning alongside typical peers.

Q: Do students reside on campus all year and on weekends?

A: No. Fifty percent of MSB students are day students and return home every evening. The other half of the student body are residential students and go home every weekend. The residential program is only open when school is in session, 185 days per year. Students reside in their homes on weekends, during major holidays and school closings.

Q: Can parents visit their children in the evenings?

A: Absolutely! In fact, this is encouraged so that parents can see what their children are capable of doing and learn strategies to help their child continue using these skills at home.

Q: Can parents of prospective students visit MSB for an admissions tour?

A: Of course! We welcome you to visit our campus and see the programs we have to offer.  Participating in a tour is actually encouraged for all prospective students and their families prior to initiating the admissions process.  Please call 410.319.5726 to arrange a tour.