Admissions Process

In order for a student to be accepted into our program, there are several necessary steps that both parties must follow. These steps aim to gain a deeper understanding of the child’s educational needs and determine the best path for their education.

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Step One: Contact your Local Education Agency (LEA)

Start by reaching out to your local school district’s Special Education Department or your child’s current school to express your interest in applying to MSB. The LEA is responsible for referring your child to MSB and initiating the application process if your IEP team is in agreement.

Step Two: Attend IEP Meeting

Collaborate with your IEP team, including representatives from MSB, to discuss your child’s educational needs and determine if MSB is a potentially appropriate placement. Your IEP team will review your child’s progress, goals, and support services to inform the decision-making process.

Step Three: Obtain and complete the MSB Application

Once your LEA has initiated the referral process & is in agreement to pursue applying for admission; you will receive an application packet from MSB. This packet will contain the necessary forms and documents that need to be completed both by you and your child’s team.

Step Four: Provide Documentation

With the support of your LEA, gather the required documentation to support your child’s application. This may include medical records, vision reports, educational evaluations, and any other relevant information that helps demonstrate your child’s eligibility & appropriateness for MSB.

Step Five: Submit the Application

Once you have completed the application forms and gathered all of the necessary documentation, submit the entire packet to MSB. Follow the instructions provided in the application packet to ensure a complete and timely submission.

Step Six: Application Review and Decision

The MSB Admissions Team will review your child’s application and supporting documentation. They will assess the compatibility of MSB’s classrooms and services with your child’s needs. You will then be invited to the campus for a family interview and a chance for the MSB Providers to meet your child. The Admissions Team will then make a recommendation regarding your child’s admission to MSB.

Step Seven: Notification of Admission

You and the referring LEA will be notified of the admission decision by the MSB Admissions Team. If your child is accepted, you will receive information about the next steps, including the enrollment process and any additional requirements.