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The Maryland School for the Blind (MSB) knows the importance of balancing education and recreation for students, staff and family. Regularly visit this section for calendar updates and upcoming events and activities for the current school year.


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Events and Activities

On Campus

The 2017 Maryland Regional Braille Challenge  was held at MSB on Saturday, January 28, 2017.  Congratulations to all of the participants and winners:

Novice –Pre-k

1st Henry Tucker

2nd Elizabeth Riccobono

Novice – Kindergarten

1st   Eniolaoluway Osunkoya

Apprentice – Grades 1 and 2

1st Eliaquim Ramirez-Giraldo

2nd Oriana Riccobono

3rd Max Dalyai

Freshman – Grades 3-4

1st Meredith Day

2nd Tyler  Huber

3rd Maria Zoerlein

HM Clay Derderian

HM Merrick McGee

HM Nadezda Chernoknizhaia

Sophomore – Grades 5-6

1st Julia Stockburger

2nd Sujan Dhakal

3rd AJ Moncman

HM Alexis McPhail

HM Derrick Day

HM Hanna Wages

HM Naudia Grapham

HM Andrew Rhoads

HM Jahmil Garret-Bey

HM Virginia Jacobs

Junior Varsity – 7-9

1st Kayla Harris

2nd Melisa Aziminia

3rd Amy Bishop

HM LaShai Richardson

Varsity – 10-12

1st Steven Cantos

2nd Steve Lin

3rd Leo Cantos

HM Nick Cantos

HM Anna Catherine Walker

BELL Students

Tiernan O’Meara

Daphne Williams


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Many on-campus events are live-streamed and recorded for future viewing.  Follow this link to catch the action:

Community Events to benefit MSB

Check back here for current community events to benefit MSB.